Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much are your puppies?
  2. Do you deliver?
  3. What if we later find out we can't keep the puppy?
  4. When can we bring the puppy home ?
  5. What food does the puppy eat?

How much do your puppies cost?

  • Normally our puppies start out at €500 and go up from there. We take several factors into consideration when setting a price on a puppy. First and foremost is the expected conformation of the puppy. Conformation means meeting the standards of the breed standard as set bythe American Kennel Club (AKC). Next is the bloodline and gender and type of coat and color.
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Do you deliver?

  • No. We normally require you to come visit us and meet the parents and puppy. The only exception is if you live outside of Germany then we make arrangements to ship via Pet Air out of Frankfurt at your cost. If we have to ship by Pet Air we will obtain a cost estimate from Pet Air and provide this to you. We will need the money before the puppy is shipped.
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What if we later find out we can't keep the puppy?

  • We are firm believers of "Murphy's Law" if something can go wrong it will and at a time and place you don't expect it. That's life. We strive very hard at finding the right and forever home for our puppies. This is one reason we have a vetting process (the interview) of prospective owners. If you ever find yourself in a position that prohibits you from keeping your dackel then we prefer to be notified as soon as possible. We assist you in the re-placement of your puppy. And under certain conditions we will take the puppy back under an agreement that is suitable for you, the puppy and the breeder.  For more information please call or email us.
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When can we bring the puppy home?

  • A puppy must be 8 weeks of age at the earliest and under certain circumstances we may have to keep the puppy a bit longer. A puppy is constantly learning from its mom and the pack (other dogs) and taking it away too early may result in the animal having issues with its social skills.
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What type of food does the puppy eat?

  • Our puppies eat “Hill’s Science Diet” (Puppy Small Bites).  We do not recommend that you continue to feed the puppy the puppy food past four months; it is very "rich" and could cause your puppy to be become over weight. When you are ready to switch the food to another brand gradually mix the newer brand with the Hills and each time reducing the Hills. This will help the puppy to adjust to the change in diet.
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