Before started we started breeding miniature dachshunds in 1997.

My wife Ulrike, was breeding and showing Collies for a hobby. Late 1996 while at a friend’s house looking at a litter of Collies puppies and having coffee, a bundle of fur ran into the room and it wanted in my lap; it was at that moment I think Dashing Dackels was born. I ended up taking that puppy home with me that night and we named her Daisy; our first miniature Dachshund. Shortly after Daisy adopted us, she needed a friend. That is when we got Dixie for her to grow up with. Well, for a year it was only the two of them, Daisy and Dixie. One day my wife announced she was going to stop breeding the Collies and asked if I wanted to start a breeding program with the Dachshunds? Of course I was ecstatic because that meant for me more puppies and more mini-dachshunds. I had fallen head over heels with them.


In 2002 my wife and I shifted our focus of breeding from the piebald to English creams. An English creams color is like that of a Golden Retriever. Our first English cream was GB's Peaches and Cream whose parents were directly out of the UK and first-generation Texan. In 2005 we acquired a grandson of a very famous English cream, American and Canadian Champion Ralines Barrow Boy (visit him under our Ralines Tab), and the pups name was Globus' Golden Gloves, a.k.a. "Lance". In late 2006 we acquired a daughter of Barrow Boy, her name "Globus' Lady Olivia, a.k.a. "Olivia". Our way ahead is to continue our focus on the creams.

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