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New Arrivals

Our more recent arrivals were born on 15 January 2015; Charly has given us 1 girl and 3 boys and mom and the pups are doing great so far.







As you can tell we've finally had puppies again. This current litter is from a mating between Int. Ch. Dashing Dackels' Lancelot (Byrd) and Int. Ch. Dashing Dackels' Madison. We are planning more litters in the coming weeks...Taylor (Lulu) and Joey, Isadora (Dora) and Snickers. They too can be seen on their respective pages.





30 October 2014

Our hot news is that we are again having puppies. Our first litter of 2014 are shaded creams from Madison (Maddy) and Lancelot (Byrd). We are also planning other colors so keep in touch.



Puppies  WELPEN






 Willkommen auf unserer Welpenseite!
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1-DSC_7987 Byrd

Born 11 April 2017

DSC_5812xx DSC_5143 DSC_5219xxXXX
Shaded English Cream Girl (Emma) ML Shaded English Cream Boy ML Shaded English Cream Boy ML








Gina_1 DSC_4914max


Born: 27 May 2017



English Creams ML all boys. Three have coat color like father (Max). One has color like his mom (Gracie)






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All puppies are registered with the Interessengemeinschaft Hundewesen e.V.  and with the EU Pet Passport. Unless otherwise stated.

Alle unsere Welpen haben Ahnentafeln des IGHI e.V.


All puppies have their respective *Registration papers and EU Pet Passport.
*Note: Before a puppy can leave he/she must undergo a "litter inspection" by our club "breeding warden". After the inspection their registration papers are applied for. Usually 3-4 weeks later the papers arrive and is mailed out to owners who have already picked up their puppy. 


Pedigree cover_1.1         EU Pet Passport_XXaa
IGHI e.V. Registration Papers       EU Pet Passport


updated_white_red_clipping2MICROCHIP INFORMATION


 tierchip           Tasso_logo




Your pet is "chipped" at the time of the "litter inspection" or during their first visit to the vet. My Petpool.com has joined with Tierchip and Tasso e.v. to protect you and your pet if ever your pet is lost.
Each pet receives at the time of pickup a card from www.mypetpool.com. We highly recommend that you keep this card in a safe place with the EU Pass Port.


Hill's Science Diet Puppy Small Bitess


german_flag_notanimated  Nicht rückzahlbare Anzahlung um einen Welpen zu reservieren.

US_100Dollar     250px-Euro_banknotes

We do accept USD as well as the Euro. If you wish to pay in USD please let us know and we will quote a Euro to USD equalevent..
Wir akzeptieren US-Dollar als auch Euro. Wenn Sie in US-Dollar bezahlen möchten wird nach dem Tageskurs umgerechnet.

 Non-refundable deposit is required and must be received to hold your puppy until it's ready to come home to you. For more questions pertaining to the deposit please don't hesidtate to contact us..


Deposit is 25% of the cost of the puppy..
german_flag_notanimated  Anzahlung betraegt 25% Welpenpreises.

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