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New Arrivals

Our more recent arrivals were born on 15 January 2015; Charly has given us 1 girl and 3 boys and mom and the pups are doing great so far.







As you can tell we've finally had puppies again. This current litter is from a mating between Int. Ch. Dashing Dackels' Lancelot (Byrd) and Int. Ch. Dashing Dackels' Madison. We are planning more litters in the coming weeks...Taylor (Lulu) and Joey, Isadora (Dora) and Snickers. They too can be seen on their respective pages.





30 October 2014

Our hot news is that we are again having puppies. Our first litter of 2014 are shaded creams from Madison (Maddy) and Lancelot (Byrd). We are also planning other colors so keep in touch.






Isadora v. Himmelstor ML
DOB: 23 September 2009
Born: Himmelstadt Germany deutschland

Proudly Introducing our newest member of Dashing Dackels...
Ginger My Dachshund at Dashing Dackels' ML
English Cream
DOB: 11 January 2015
POB:  Czech Republic  CZ flag


Dashing Dackels' Madison Avenue ML
DOB: 15 July 2009
       POB: Texas, USA   texas_1
Fatyma von Kurtanich at Dashing Dackels
English Cream
                     Born: Ukraine  Ukraine_sm             



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